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2014 Catena Malbec

Appearance: Ruby red, mild legs, wild cherry tint.

Nose: licorice, mineral, black currant and cherry on the nose.

Palatte: black berry, currant on the tip. Swish around and you get a touch of clove, earth, prune and mineral. The wine has mild tannins, light to medium bodied, and low acidity as it runs down.


This wine comes from the High Mountain Vines or the Catena Zapata Family Vineyards.

Everybody knows that a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina is bound to be good. I expected something bold, full and fruity. I got 1 of 3. The wine is lighter than my typical pick. Light to medium bodied make it a great wine for the masses. Its easy to drink, mild on the taste buds and nose, and it comes down easy without too much linger. I am a fan of the black currant-cherry combination it gives; it introduces you on the nose and finishes off its welcoming on the palette. This wine would make a great poaching liquid for Wine Braised Spanish Chorizo, a great pairing with a tomato-rich Paella, or a simple Manchego cheese platter with pepper crackers or crostini.

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